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Medico Beauty Institute have been training the next generation of skin experts for over 20 years! Our innovative approach to advanced skin treatments sets us apart in a saturated industry. We train skin experts including cosmetic doctors, aesthetic nurses and advanced therapists to achieve real results that last without causing excess trauma or irritation to the delicate organ that is the skin.

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Medico Institute Offers Advanced Skincare Training Solutions to Leading Skin Experts Across the UK

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How To Treat Acne Rosacea

Treat Acne Rosacea - A How To Guide How To Treat Acne Rosacea? This is a common question asked by therapists. As April is Rosacea Awareness Month so the focus, naturally, is on how to treat Rosacea. Specifically we'd like to focus on raising education on how to treat...

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Combination Treatments

  What is Your Modern Approach to Skin in Your Practice? Take 30 minutes to advance your understanding of combination skin treatments. What are they? How they work? How will they increase your treatment offering in terms of results and profits?  This mini lecture...

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Introducing The Contour Peel™ by Medico Beauty

What can I expect from the Contour Peel? The Contour Peel™ by Medico Beauty is an innovative dermal remodelling technique that harnesses your skin's natural healing abilities, resulting in a naturally, vibrant and healthy complexion. As we age, we produce...

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