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The Contour Peel – An Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation

The Contour Peel™ by Medico Beauty® is a non-traumatic approach that uses dermal infusions via a specific micro needling technique shown to enhance the connection between the epidermis and dermis (the dermal epidermal junction, or DEJ). This is achieved by inducing a variety of growth factors to stimulate the synthesis of Type I collagen and elastin. As such, this technique is also beneficial in correcting visible signs of ageing such as the slippage (loose, saggy skin) in older adults.

What will I learn from this course?

The Contour Peel™ promotes skin repair, restoration, renewal, and protection by boosting production of the desirable forms of collagen and elastin. This unique dermal remodelling technique also supports the health of pigment-producing skin cells to even out skin tone, and even helps the skin to restore and maintain a healthy barrier to protect against ultraviolet radiation and free radicals that cause premature ageing.

The treatment combines micro needling with carefully selected natural chemical peel solutions to jump-start the body’s natural healing processes. The Contour Peel™ helps the skin to slough off damaged cells that cause skin to look dull and unhealthy, and enhances the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in healthier, firmer, smoother looking skin.

You will learn a unique dermal needling technique and how to safely and effectively combine specific peels containing self neutralising L-Lactic Acid with key active ingredients customize to your clients skin needs.

Why should I offer The Contour Peel

The Contour Peel offers a true alternative to more invasive surgical skin rejuvenation procedures , while delivering superior results.  This cost effective treatment can achieve results on skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne scarring and premature ageing which can be compared to more aggressive treatment modalities such as IPL. The Contour Peel acts as a catalyst for change in the skin, helping to promote the skin’s normal healing process to address a wide variety of skin problems.

The Contour Peel by Medico Beauty is ideal for addressing a range of skin problems, including:

• Photo-damaged Skin• Pigmentation

• Melasma

• Scarring

• Acne• Sensitive skin

• Dry skin

• Rosacea.

Am I eligible for this course?
Students must have a minimum level 3 skincare qualification or medical aesthetic background to undertake this course of training.


Please contact us to discuss your eligibility for this training.

You will undertake continuous in class assessment and are required to complete and submit 3 case studies within 8 weeks of completing your practical training.
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