Understanding Chiral Correction & Metabolic Peels Workshop in association with Sally Durant Training

Metabolic Peels are next generation skin peels that incorporate Chirally Correct Alpha Hydroxy Acids and encapsulated Retinol to stimulate the skins natural renewal processes. Peels without downtime or irritation, Metabolic Peels target the living layer of the skin and increases cell renewal. Traditional chemical peels rely on acids for exfoliation simply force the skin to repair itself. However they lack the communication on a cellular level to correct skin function, so can often lead to disappointment results that are short lived.

In this workshop we will be covering the science behind using Chirally Correct ingredients and why Metabolic Peels are the future of skin peel treatments.

What Will I Learn?

In this workshop we will be discussing the science behind Nobel Prize winning Chiral Correction, and it’s benefits to the skin. Using Chirally Correct ingredients including Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Antioxidants enables practitioners to maximise the benefits and results from treatment. Without excessive trauma, irritation or inflammation. A method of purification that ensure ingredients are bio-available and communicate with the skin on a molecular level.

We will also be introducing a new approach to skin peels. Using Metabolic Peels that stimulate renewal without forcing the skin to repair. Working with the skin as opposed to against it. Metabolic Peels infuse the skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a more corrective approach to skin peeling.

Metabolic Peels are suitable for all skin types and concerns. They’re ideal for addressing a range of skin problems, including:

• Photo-Damaged Skin

• Hyperpigmentation

• Melasma

• Scarring

• Acne

• Dry Skin

• Rosacea.

• Sensitive skin

Learn more about the CosMedix Metabolic Peels within the range.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop is divided into theory and practical work. Starting with theory work to understand the science behind Chiral Correction and what makes Metabolic Peels superior to traditional chemical peels.

The day will also involve lots of practical work. With professional demonstrations of the different level of peels being performed. Delegates will also have the opportunity to receive a treatment and carry out a treatment, so that you can fully appreciate the unique, simple and no-faff application of Metabolic Peels.

Who is this course for?

This workshop has been created in association with Sally Durant Training & Consultancy, as part of their Level 4 Clinical Aesthetics Diploma. To give delegates an overview of different brands and treatment modalities available within the aesthetics industry.

The course is available free of charge to existing Sally Durant Level 4 delegates and will form part of their Unit 7 core knowledge module. However we will also be hosting a similar course separately for non-delegates who wish to learn more about the benefits of using Chirally Correct ingredients and Metabolic Peels.

It is important to note that spaces are limited. With a maximum of 12 persons per workshop. The benefit of having a smaller group means that each delegate will have full opportunity to carry out a treatment.

This is an intensive one day workshop. For delegates wishing to develop skills further and introduce Metabolic Peels to their clinic then our Advanced Skin Peels course may be more suitable. This course also includes online learning and practical advanced skin analysis.

When is the workshop?

The Unit 7 workshop for Sally Durant delegates is on Tuesday 21st November at the Sally Durant Training Academy in Hagley, West Midlands.

A non-delegates workshop is also available in our training centre in Kensington, London. Contact us for next available dates.

Course Fees

The course is free to Sally Durant Level 4 delegates. There is a small charge of £55+VAT for non-delegates to cover costs of the course.

Contact Us for more information on fees


Sally Durant Level 4 Delegates will be required to complete coursework as part of their Unit 7 module.

There is no coursework involved for non-delegates.

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