Medico Beauty has searched the world to find incredible pioneering skincare at the very forefront of cutting edge, medically advanced and intelligent technology.

We are proud to be the only European authorised distributor of the incredible Cosmedix brand. What ever your skin type, we guarantee Cosmedix has the answer that will revolutionise your health and appearance.

All the ingredients featured in the Cosmedix’s line are cruelty free, organic, natural, plant-based, earth-friendly and free from artificial preservatives, parabens, dyes and fragrances. The unique formulas are created using a Nobel Prize winning purification process called Chiral Correction. Say goodbye to your skin problems; Cosmedix corrects the root causes of bad skin rather than just ‘hiding’ its symptoms with synthetic, chemical ingredients.

For healthy, inside out, body kind results: Cosmedix is the answer.

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