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Sheer Luxe - Facials For Sensitive Skin - Advanced Skin Courses by Medico Beauty Institute

As official distributors for CosMedix products, professional peel protocols and advanced skin health training, we are always extremely proud to hear when one of customers receive press recognition and even more so, when it’s for one of our treatments.

EF MEDISPA have recently been featured on Sheer Luxe for facials for sensitive skin. The article is a fantastic example on how CosMedix Benefit Peel treatment along with a prescriptive home care regime can alter and correct dysfunctional behaviour. By truly addressing the underlying factors of Rosacea and hyper-sensitivity, the inflammation!

Many beauty treatments for Rosacea and hyper-sensitivity focus solely on calming the condition, to not cause further inflammation or disruption to the barrier function, effectively maintaining the pH balance of the skin and reducing irritation often experience during treatment. However CosMedix goes that one step further. Not being satisfied with simply maintaining a condition, but rather correcting it at the source. By understanding the cause and effect, you are successfully able to correct the problem. The result? Stronger, more resilient, less sensitive skin that it able to renew and repair itself more effectively.

The feature also outlines an example home care plan using the CosMedix range that would form an effective part of healing and repairing sensitive skin at home, in-between profession treatments in a clinic or medi-spa such as EF MEDISPA.

Click HERE to read the Sheer Luxe feature.

CosMedix Sensitive Skin