The Medico Beauty Institute in association Consultant Nurse Practitioner, Constance Campion and the Food Doctor’s leading Nutrition Consultant, Alice Mackintosh to present an exclusive one-day seminar discussing the importance of gut health and it’s connection to common skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

To be held on Wednesday 17th June from 9am to 5pm, in South Kensington near Gloucester Road tube station.

  • Certified Training in the Medico Beauty Method in Comprehensive Consultation, Skin Analysis & Nutritional Advice.
  • Gain valuable knowledge in the successful treatment of challenging skin problems without prescribing medications such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
  • Identify the triggers for all common cosmetic skin problems and successfully resolve the issue.
  • See how to maximize the outcome from injectables using the principals learnt in Nutritional Dermatologists that are clinically proven to work.
  • Become An Instant Expert by attending this specially crafted, one day event, that harnesses over twenty-five years of clinical experience

Are you unsure of how to successfully tackle Acne and blemish-prone skin? Does your current treatment offering address the root causes of other inflammatory skin disease such as Rosacea?

In today’s information driven, virtual world with Internet forums, blogs and social media pages there are hundreds of thousands of exchanges from the public, many of whom share their experience of treatment for the two of the most commonly diagnosed skin diseases, Acne and Rosacea.

The pain and discomfort of the condition carries a number of implications, including how happy the patient feels in their own skin. Commonly you’ll see the use of heavy makeup applied to mask their complexion. It can be the last attempt to regaining some control over their appearance. In some cases patients won’t leave home without wearing makeup.

According to Best Health Magazine, more than 70% of adults will experience some form of adult acne between the ages of 20 – 50. Women in particular are more likely to be affected and will affect even those who have never experienced problems with their skin as teenagers. However following a period stress, a change in career, relationship or pregnancy they develop a blemish-prone complexion. Interesting the post-Menopause woman may also develop a sensitised skin that is in a constant state of flush.

For some consulting with a professional is the last resort having exhausted all other avenues. Firstly, seeking treatment with their local GP.


Did you know? 

The majority of GPs initial treatment for acne is a course of antibiotics. According to a recent news study, GPs write 35 million prescriptions for antibiotics every year in England alone (in total, not all for acne or Rosacea).

Interestingly, antibiotic resistance has become a major worldwide public health issue.

If treatment with antibiotics fail and longer term the patient doesn’t wish to remain on medication this provides a new opportunity to learn about a new approach.

What is the gold standard approach to the treatment of Acne and Rosacea?  

Changing the Face of Skin from Within…


Nothing speaks more volumes that the positive response to treatment seen by countless patients, that over the years have realised the complexion and in many cases body of their dreams. Because when the root cause of the problem is addressed not only does the skin recover, other body systems and digestive health become normal.

As Amy explains in her own words;

“I struggled with my skin from the age of 10 years old. I had acne on my back and during secondary school I started getting bad spots on my face. Over the years the doctor prescribed me every cream, gel, lotion, medication imaginable as well as my mother buying every high street product in an attempt to clear my skin. At the age of 15 I developed painful acne that knocked my confidence. I went to a dermatologist after being refereed by my doctor; the dermatologist prescribed me Roaccutane, which had some severe side effects. The Roaccutane worked for so long but after 6 months on the medication and constant appointments to review the medicine I was glad to come off it, and the effects lasted for a while, but unlike the lifetime cure I had hoped it would be, my acne came back.

August 2013 my skin started to worsen once again but fortunately this time I met Andy Millward. Andy gave me a new CosMedix skin regime to follow, which I carried out twice a day along with a course of x3 Purity Peels.

Andy also taught me dietary information that had a huge impact on my skin. I started taking vitamins and drinking herbal tea such as peppermint and green tea and for the first time in my life and limiting my dairy intake. Also information about my makeup which has had a massive positive impact on my skin by recommending I switch to mineral makeup, my skin is pretty much perfect/ I am very lucky to have met him and be able to know someone that knows so much after all these years of failed treatments. Thank you Andy!”   – Amy, Birmingham


What can the modern day Aesthetic practitioner treatments improve that antibiotics cannot replicate?

Practitioners are often confused by the content-rich and constant shifts in treatment guidelines. The correct treatment of inflammatory skin disorders is a challenging process when the root of the problem isn’t known.

They approach recommendations about nutrition with caution because there are lots of conflicting messages. These are some of the most commonly discussed when a patient is suffering with Acne or Rosacea.

Do you feel confident in correctly answering the following common queries? 

  1. Should patients be advised to avoid dairy consumption?
  2. What specific nutrients are beneficial in the treatment of Acne and Rosacea?
  3. Is there any clinical evidence to support these recommendations?

Developing a healthy approach to wellbeing that is practical and can be adopted by everyone is the missing link that supercharges the outcome of treatment from all modalities including laser. It can in many instances be the catalyst of change needed in order to address the root of the issue.

In order to know how to answer the questions we begin by having a better understanding what are the root causes that prevent optimal wellbeing and keep our minds and bodies disease-free?

What daily choices do we have in creating the habits that serve to nourish and repair unhealthy skin from within? 

The Medico Beauty Method is a common sense approach to wellbeing that involves using tools of analysis, first to assist with identifying the problem, determining where the gaps lie in the foundation and applying a routine that treats the root causes. These recommendations go beyond eating “healthy” and following the Government guidelines of eating five portions of fruit & veg daily.

The patient’s individual requirements can be met without the need for complicated medications and longer term the risk of developing health implications.

Take Your Consultation and Treatment Programme to the Next Level 


When? Wednesday 17th June 2015, 9am till 5pm.

Where? South Kensington, near Gloucester Road tube station (District, Circle & Piccadilly line)


Early Bird Saving – completed registration by 15th May

Cost of Registration £65.00+VAT

Additional Attendess £55.00+VAT

Registration after 15th May 

Cost of Registration £95.00+VAT

Additional Attendess £85.00+VAT

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This exclusive one-day educational event has limited availability and we anticipate extremely high demand. To avoid disappointment and also to take advantage of the Early Bird saving, we advise you register now.


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About Constance
Constance Campion expertise is rooted in her position as a clinician and one of the foremost international experts in advanced aesthetics. Described as one of Vogue’s top beauty secrets, she combines her nursing responsibilities, as a Consultant Nurse Specialist & Partner at Plastic Surgery Associates UK, based at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London. Her clinical background stems from her position as a Consultant Nurse Specialist in advanced nursing practise. A distinguished career in the private health sector, lead to a career in The City in 1980, which subsequently influenced her continued working practises as both a clinician and analyst within her chosen area of expertise in advanced rejuvenation, and wellness anti-ageing medicine.
From her work in the establishment of the private medical sector in Denmark in the mid-80’s, to her ground-breaking analysis of the primary medical care needs for staff at Price Waterhouse Coopers, in the wake of the merger between Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, she has succeeded to fuse her business and her clinical expertise. This culminated in her nominating her choice of candidates for the position of The Royal Apothecary.
In 1989, she established a non-surgical, medical aesthetic service with her husband and others within a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery practice in London. In the early 90’s, she became the architect and Chairman of the steering group that formed the first specialist nurses’ forum in aesthetic nursing at The Royal College of Nursing.
Over a three-year period, she co-authored and wrote with a group of her senior nursing colleagues, the groundbreaking professional nursing competencies, that remain the only published professional bench markers in medical aesthetic practises today. With her keen understanding of the operational and managerial details of the aesthetics arena, she is as well – known for her dynamic, practical, humorous presentation style, as she is for her insightful economic reports to professional groups and private equity clients.
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About Alice

During her training, Alice gained a First Class Honours degree in Nutritional Therapy at the renowned Centre for Nutrition Education in the UK. She also has a scientific background with a prior degree in Biomedical Sciences from Leeds University.

Having originally set out to qualify as a medical doctor, Alice’s instinctive understanding of the impacts of diet on health and the development of disease instead led her to pursue a career in nutrition. She is now one of the UK’s principle consultants for skin health, seeing her clients at the prestigious Food Doctor clinic on Harley Street.Uniquely, Alice delves deep to try and get to the heart of tricky skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, and many come to her as a last resort having struggled in vain with complex problems for many years. Alice recognises that everybody is different, and works with each individual to create bespoke strategies that are tailored to their unique needs and health objectives. Having recognised the need for supplements that manage skin health using a functional whole body approach, Alice has also developed and formulated a unique range of products which she uses as part of her practice.

As well as working with individuals, Alice often educates on a larger scale at events and in the workplace. She also writes regularly for leading magazines and newspapers; and is often invited to comment on a host of nutritional matters on Tv and radio. She is also an author, blogger and edits and contributes to an array of nutrition/health books.