Medico Beauty are pleased to announce that another high profile skin health expert has made CosMedix an integral part of their treatment offering. Marie Reynolds is a highly celebrated and respected skin health expert based in London. Marie has over 25 years’ experience as both a therapist, working with skincare brands and creating her own cutting edge treatment techniques and training. Today we interview Marie and reveal her answers on skin care and her predictions for the industry.

The Marie Reynolds Master Lift treatment has been widely praised and featured in many publications, such as Glamour & Woman and Home. The Master Lift is available by appointment at a few select London locations including Fortnum & Mason’s, Carlton House and the luxurious Dial House retreat. The technique, which was created by Marie targets pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, the treatment also targets the effects of internal disease shown on the external skin. The Master Lift system uses the latest cutting edge and results driven skin care, LED and aesthetic techniques for total skin rejuvenation.

We have heard that the Marie Reynolds method of skin consultations is unique, tell us more?

A consultation card will only give you the answers your client ‘wants’ you to know. For over thirty years I have developed a technique that allows therapists to truly understand an individual, from how they walk, talk, sit, how they eat, when they eat as well as what they eat. Every line and mark that shows in the face, feet, ears and back, colour and tissue distensions all give indications of weakness’ and strengths that will show up in the skin.

Tell us a little more about the Masterlift and what results people can expect?

I created the Masterlift as I wanted to bring all my advanced skin specialities together in one treatment. I understood the benefits of active ingredients but also very passionate in the concept ‘less is more’ The Masterlift encompasses all of the above with outstanding results from just one treatment. Reduction in fine lines, softening of deep lines, total skin rejuvenation with evening of skin tone, reduction of pigmentation pre-reduction and improved skin tone.


Why did you choose CosMedix products to be an integral part of your Masterlift treatment?

I have been very particular with the cosmeceuticals I use in treatments and it takes a great deal to convince me to use brands once I have found one I like, I heard about CosMedix a while back and was quite impressed with their ethos, it was not until I was sent some products to try that My attention was grasped. Not only do they surpass expectation the scientific background and research that support the chirality of the products sits very well within my treatments. The results from the Masterlift using CosMedix speak from themselves – maximum result with no adverse reactions.

Marie Reynolds

There is an increase in people doing their own treatments at home, such as dermarolling and peels, what advice would give to anyone considering this.

The trouble with social media and YouTubers, I find is that it glamorises and devalues treatments, products and specialists in their fields. We are talking about using implements that puncture the skin and active ingredients that if not understood can cause damage. I feel it is a minefield that should be left to the experts.

What is your favourite CosMedix product and why?

That is a hard one, I am loving them all at the moment, however I will have to say Affirm & Pure C personally, my menopausal skin craves moisture, antioxidants and oxygen all of which Affirm delivers.


You are seen as a fascia expert, are there any ways CosMedix products complement your work in this area?

Fascia is superficial as well as deep, it is a living breathing integral community that reacts with touch, vibration, light, food from topical ingredients and ingested as well as mood. Fascia becomes dehydrated very easily which impart the skin, hydration of fascia is key for its health this can be helped with active ingredients from CosMedix as well as peptides, retinols and high potent vitamins that combat free radical attack. The fact that Cosmedix is also CHIRAL is a further benefit meaning each ingredient will ‘lock in’ perfectly to the skins own environment allowing further benefits to superficial fascia.

If there is one single skincare ingredient you could not live without what would it be and why?

I am going to cheat and say Retinol and Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C is a good all rounder, it is known as ‘the ultimate helper’ We should all have a vitamin C product in our skin care regime, it is not only the super antioxidant it is beneficial for pigmentation, collagen and elastin synthesis and protects against environmental factors. Retinol to increase cellular turnover and stimulate collagen and boost hydration.

What do you predict will be the next big thing in the aesthetics world?

The Aesthetics world is ever-evolving I feel now there is a huge shift in the respect of treating more holistically as well as superficially. Aestheticians are now respecting that mental and emotional as well as lifestyle DO play a huge role in the physical. I also believe that the ‘less is more’ approach to clinical treatments will be better respected than the all guns blazing approach. Regular gentler peels that progress with introducing active ingredients like encapsulated retinol’s and peptides post needling, rebuilding to age healthier as well as healthier skin maintenance.

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