Our Amazing Reveal Digital Imaging System is winging its way all around the country to our various different partner centre locations.


W H A T     I S    T H E    R E V E A L ? 

Reveal is a special camera attached to a computer. It provides incredible photographic analysis of skin quality on a very advanced level. The true extent of your Sun Damage, Lines, Oil, Blemishes and Dryness will all be revealed in much more detail than can ever been seen with just the naked eye. This machine helps you and your practitioner to really understand the very root of your skin issue and prescribe the best treatment package appropriate. And, best of all, after undergoing a specially customised DERMAplan treatment programme, our customers can also use the machine to measure how the homecare products and in-house treatments have improved their skin with before & afters.

Reveal camera skin blemishes
Reveal Camera for Spot and skin Blemishes

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